Saturday, 17 June 2017

More On Why You Should Read The Bible And Practical Tips For Every Beginner (and Veteran) by Stacy

Imagine a friend who you knew as well as you know yourself. After spending all your time together through the years you got to know everything about them. Their deepest secrets, their highest highs and every rock bottom they ever hit.

A friend who has you on speed dial because of how dependable you are. You know what they want, but better yet you understand what they need. Basically a best friend.

But imagine this. This is the type of friend who will never forget your birthday because they never knew it to begin with. The kind of friend who has never bothered to learn anything about you. Not your middle name, not where you're from, not your disposition, not even your likes or dislikes.

They hang around you, they run to you for help, they open up to you but they never let you put a word in. They just aren't that interested in you as much as they are in the things you represent, constant love and support.

In short, the relationship is terribly uneven. If there's something that just sucks it's non reciprocation. Like, I know love can't be 50/50 but 98/2 is just painful. Some people will never value you as much as you value them, and that's okay, but sometimes there's just people (especially family) who at the end of the day, you just feel exploited by.

Our relationship with God cannot be described with words like reciprocation or exploitation because it is uneven, designed for our total dependency to be on Him. Neither can we ever love God as much as He loves us. He is love itself. It would be like trying to swim faster than a fish. Running faster than a cheater. Not that it should ever stopped us from swimming fast, or loving Him.

Reading the Bible isn't just for the benefit of shaping your world view as I wrote last week. But even more importantly, reading the Bible, is for getting to know the God we love. For ourselves. To build a relationship reinforced by our deep knowledge of Him.

We cannot make it even, but we can love Him with all the capacity we have, little though it may be.

We can love Him with all our mind: (Joshua 1:8) read the Word, keep it on your lips, keep it in your mind, day and night.

With all our heart: (Psalms 119:14) not just to read it, to delight in it. To feel excited and giddy like a first date. It is like reading a letter. Like getting that lengthy caption on your birthday or a long emotional text in the middle of the night. It is heartwarming stuff y'all.

With all our soul: (Matt 4:4) To yearn for it. To be unsettled when you don't read it. Not out of guilt because you've broken routine, but out of your need for it. To realize that the Word of God is life. To tap into the streams of living waters.

With all our strength: to devote ourselves to it. To wake up as early as David or stay up late reading, meditating and go out of our way to Do the word (Matt 7:24,25), even when His teaching is difficult, unsettling and throws us way out of our comfort zone.

So here's a few practical insights on reading the Bible.


Pray to God to open up your heart to His word. To give you a hunger to know Him and a resilience to keep going. Invite Him to be part of it, that you may see Him in every scripture, that His joy will fill your heart when reading instead of it being a painstaking chore. That the Holy Spirit will walk you through each verse and still show you the bigger picture.

Pray before reading and pray all the time too. You could even fast as you pray for this. It isn't easy to stay consistently reading your Bible. You need all the Spiritual help you can get. So pray.

2. Consistency is key, but if you fail one day, don't beat yourself up. Make a plan for the next day. Get right back to it. Don't wallow in guilt, make deliberate changes.

3. To help with consistency, set a time and place. You don't want to make this decision every day, you'll end up never deciding some days. Set a time according to your schedule.

4. Start comfortable, something you're sure to keep up. It is better to have 15 minutes every day and love it other than plan for an hour and fail or feel burdened. The plan is to delight in the word, not labour under it.

If you get to the point of struggling, STOP, remember why you're doing it and make an appropriate plan. I5 minutes per day is about 90 hours in a year. Start comfortable, then make your way up.

Hope you found Part 2 helpful guys. I'm learning so much about the Bible and about reading it. This series is growing me too. It has sent me to research, and I've been truly blessed this past week. I'm sorry I can't really fit everything in these posts. At the end of the series I'll make you guys a list of all the resources I've been tapping into. I hope you're all doing your own digging as well.


Thank you Sharon, Violet, Linda and Irene for your comments last week. Thank you Fin for calling. Thank you Mom, Kevin, Mush, Dvoice, Paul, Enoch, Nelson, Atera, Paula, Eda, Rachel, Aunty Linet, Masai, Malkia and the entire KUSOL CU. Thank you Peter Ishe and Nkem. Cynthia Nyakara, I'm so grateful. Thank you to everyone. I am literally overwhelmed with the response each week. I can't believe you guys are still reading this stuff. Thank you eeeeevvvvrrryone. If I haven't mentioned you, please scold me. I really really love all you guys.

See you next week with Part 3. If you haven't, check out Part 1 from last week.

Be light. Be salt and make Jesus proud!

Saturday, 10 June 2017

Is Reading The Bible That Important? by Stacy Muya.

Blessed is the one who does not walk in step with the wicked or stand in the way that sinners take or sit in the company of
mockers, 2 but whose delight is in the law of the LORD, and who meditates on his law day and night. 3 That person is like a
tree planted by streams of water, which yields its fruit in season and whose leaf does not
wither— whatever they do prospers. 4 Not so the wicked! They are like chaff that the wind
blows away. 5 Therefore the wicked will not stand in the
judgment, nor sinners in the assembly of the righteous. 6 For the LORD watches over the way of the righteous, but the way of the wicked leads to destruction.
                             Psalm 1

A story is told of a young man and a young woman who met at a bus station (pale Easy Coach). Her beauty and his charm, it was love at first sight.

They sat side by side and talked the entire journey. Their conversation had the depth of a lifelong friendship as well as the intrigue of two perfect strangers. By the fourth hour, he was telling her his secrets, laying bare his soul and she was half listening, half picking out flower arrangements for their engagement dinner. It was perfect.

They got to their destination, completely besotted with each other. They alighted and sat at the bus station for a while, holding hands, looking at each other's eyes, stopping just short of saying their vows. Finally he really had to go, he was running late for a family affair. She gave him her business card. For safe keeping, he put it in his Bible, in his bag and rushed off, with a chaste kiss on the cheek and a promise to call.

As life often does, it intervened. The city thieves stole his bag, with his Bible in it, with her business card in it, with her phone number on it. She waited by her phone for days then weeks, then months and only lost all hope after years. He tried everything but, seeing as this was before Facebook, there's little he could do.

This is a story of the one who got away. Most of us know someone we met, we wished we had kept, but life got in the way, communication got cut and we don't have them anymore. Not just romantically, even friends.

Love withers without communication. If you don't stay in touch, it all goes to the dogs. Ever think about someone you were so close to but now you don't ever talk. Few pains compare to the haunting longing for a relationship that was.

The same is true for our relationship with God. We lose contact sometimes. Some people remember a time when they were so in love, so in tune with Jesus. A time when truly He was the first person on your mind in the morning and the last when you went to sleep.

When you did not doubt His love, His intentions, His ability or even His existence. But life gets in the way, and now... you don't talk anymore. Or if you do, not like before.

If you think about it, you may realize it all started when you "lost His number." Or when you began to curve His calls. You went a day without speaking, then a week, then a month. You struggled to keep the flame alive but other things seemed more interesting, more thrilling.

The good news is that this relationship is not doomed. It can be salvaged. By prayer, by reading and doing the Word, and by the power of the Holy Spirit.

In today's article, we begin to talk about reading the Bible. The why, Part 2 will be the how.

Psalm 1 shows two ways your worldview can be shaped. By your company or by the insights of the word of the Lord. It's also very clear on the outcome of either road you take.

The truth is, in today's world we are bombarded with ideas, the -isms and -ity(s) (pluralism, atheism, relativism, feminism, chauvinism, Marxism, Christianity, homosexuality etc). Some good, some bad, some "grey".

Our perspective on a lot of things is based on our knowledge of them. We can either get information from the media, society or our own feelings and understanding, all these being primarily worldly and running the risk of being in contradiction with the word of God. Or we can crack open a Bible and get to know God's will.

When people are talking about controversial issues like abortion, masturbation, tattoos, women in church leadership, alcohol or dressing. Or things that the Bible hasn't been express on, our understanding of the will of God, of the heart of God and His intentions is the only way to choose for ourselves what we will do.

When the world is attacking the very foundation of our faith. Claiming that all religions are right, that our God is not the ONE true God, the ONLY GOD, will you agree and be politically correct?

When they say love is love, and raise rainbow flags. When they say it is okay to sleep with a person you love if you know you are going to marry them. When they hate all Muslims for the actions of a few Muslims. When they ignore their own sin and tell the LGBTQ that God hates them. When they justify corruption as survival. When they rob the church with prosperity gospel, and lay it bare for wolves and snakes. When they tell women that submission makes you weak, and tell men that head means bully.

Your stand on every issue, the way you live your entire life... Is it based on reading the word of the Lord and meditating upon it day and night. Or is based on the steps of the wicked, on the path of sinners and on the sit of mockers.

Think about it, talk about it, read about it(in the Bible), and pray over it. These next few weeks we will be talking about this topic, so this was just the introduction.

Be light! Be salt! And make Jesus proud!

Saturday, 3 June 2017


“For ye are bought with a price: therefore glorify God in your body, and in your spirit, which are God's.” 1 Corinthians 6:20 

The scriptures say so clearly that we are bought with a price meaning our value is in CHRIST who loved and purchased us by His blood, and no other value can measure up to it.The result of the purchase is that we SHOULD glorify GOD with our body and in our Spirit.

GOD did not purchase us partially but wholely and therefore we are HIS,our body,soul and spirit.

And like the psalmist we ought to bless GOD with our soul and all that is within us[PSALM 103]. Within us includes our emotions and desires. GOD desires truth in the inward parts[Psm 51:6]

We live in a critical world where the value of life has been reduced. It is being equated to our family background, social class, how educated we are, what course we take, our profession, how much we make, marital status etc.

It's sad that even we Christians are not left out of this box. We are so caught up trying to attain whatever we think will appreciate our value, we forget that an unequitable price was already paid at Calvary. And until we realise it we will keep living a life of always trying to be validated by people.

I don’t mean we shouldn’t work hard. NO! I mean we shouldn’t allow things become gods or enslave us. After all theres nothing new under the sun and neither are you the first to be what you are trying to become, many have been there, walked through the same college, gone through the same courses, been married before and some even now, lived in the same reputable neighbourhood, held the same prestigious jobs.


If only we would allow GOD to work through our entire life, through our relationship, families, education, jobs and live knowing we are stewards in everything (nothing that we have is of our own {even the smartest brain is GOD’S. That lovely look we have is GOD’S. The family we cherish or some of us are not proud to be part of is GOD’S. After all GOD created everything. HE owns the times and seasons,HE MAKETH EVERYTHING BEAUTIFUL IN ITS TIME }) then would we be able to find contentment.

Paul tells Timothy in 1Tim 6;6..but GODLINESS WITH CONTENTMENT IS GREAT GAIN.


Our whole being was purchased and it all belongs to the maker for HIS GLORY. Our whole being includes our desires, our will, our emotions, our thoughts. Regardless of age or status.

Dr. Eddah is a young Kenyan woman living in the United States. I will always remember the little fellowship of sister's she invited me to be a part of when I was still in High School. It makes me proud and hopeful, to see that after all these years, she has remained a General in the army, strong, focused and marching on.

Friday, 26 May 2017

IT IS BY GRACE by Eddah.

Whenever I look back in life I see the greatness of God. I remember the psalmist in Psalm 124.

If it had not been the Lord who was on our side, when men rose up against us: when they had swallowed us up quick, when their wrath was kindled against us: when the waters had overwhelmed us, the stream had gone over our soul: when the proud waters had gone over our soul. Blessed be the Lord, who hath not given us as a prey to their teeth. Our soul is escaped as a bird out of the snare of the fowlers: the snare is broken, and we are escaped. Our help is in the name of the Lord, who made heaven and earth. (Psalm 124)

I am a born again Christian who by GOD'S GRACE has lived in the major towns in Kenya but currently resides in the USA. The LORD indeed has been faithful to me. His grace has been immense.

Here is my story, the brief version. An uncle who had been trusted to take care of me as my siblings went schooling and parents were at work repeatedly molested me. I recall him always coming to pick me from wherever I was playing with other children to go to sexually abuse me.

It was not once, not twice but a continuous experience. I was brought up in a family where being beaten up was a norm and therefore I lived in fear and could not open up about what was happening to me.

The abuse led me to start masturbating as early as age ten. I was taken to a boarding school where lesbianism was so rampart but GOD preserved me. Same thing in High School.

It wasn’t until I got to college  that I received CHRIST as my personal savior and this was the beginning of my healing journey. GOD brought men and women in my path of life that have been of great help, who mentor, rebuke, encourage and even advise me.

One afternoon, I was in CITAM Kisumu and I happened to be in the congregation when one of the gospel artists performed in church. I got so emotional that I went sharing my experiences with her after church. Little did I know that she too had the similar misfortune of being sexually abused from when she was six, by the mother's brother. She did share with her mother who just brushed it off.

The ripple effects of being exposed to sex so early and in such a tragic manner ebbed throughout her life. In fact to quote her verbatim, "wewe afadhali yako iliisha na mustarbation, yangu iliisha na kuhanya mabwana za watu, I went sleeping with peoples husbands ata estate mzima people knew me, I was treated for ma Sexual Transmitted Diseases but one thing I thank GOD for is sikupata HIV.” (...I thank God for, I didn't catch HIV).

This shut me up. It was then that I learned to start giving thanks and stop judging people as most of the time what we see is the outcome or effect. We don’t see the cause.

GOD has enabled me to share my testimony with people and in the process, I have learned that there are so many suffering but are unable to open up even in churches or Christian unions due to fear of being judged or condemned. Many at times we just cast stones without giving a hearing.

Those who have been victims are even wounded more. The church which ought to emulate Christ by loving becomes the place where rejection is experienced. We condemn where we ought to walk in love and fellowship.

We condemn people for their actions when probably they have never encountered CHRIST. All  they live in is the truth they know and often they don’t know they are in bondage. All they have been exposed to is smoking, drinking, immorality and probably they have never even been to a church or Sunday school. Probably they have never been to a Christian Religious Education class as you have been blessed to be.

All they know is the secular world and therefore they live by it, others even religiously. Some are on drugs because they think it’s the answer to their problems. Yet we who have the True Answer are quiet and to make matters worse we can be so heartless and condemning.


For if it were not for Christ who was on my side maybe I would be dead (there was a time I was suicidal).

IF IT WERE NOT FOR CHRIST I WOULD HAVE GIVEN UP. I have a grade D in my college transcript because I refused to give in to a perverted lecturer's demands. If it were not for CHRIST…THEN I WOULD BE IN MISERY. JUST BY HIS GRACE, HAVE  I COME THUS FAR.


Do not suffer in silence. If you have been sexually abused, whether you're male or female:

1. Know that your worth has not depreciated. You are still God's precious child.

2. You have not been permanently branded. You will overcome the hurt, or trauma or anger. In Christ you are a new creation. Let Him show you how, you can lay it down at His feet and live freely.

3. Seek counselling. Most churches have under used counseling ministries. Most schools have counsellors. You don't have to pay for it. Sometimes a trusted older person or a peer who is spiritually mature or has been through the same. Get talking, don't let it brew a storm in your inside that will explode one day. Be careful however, who you choose. As usual, unbridled/Stacy is open and willing to help you find someone.

4. Seek out people to help. They overcame by the Blood and by the power of their testimony. Like Eda, use your story to reach broken people and join Jesus in restoring them.

Have a great week ahead. Next week you'll have a photo and description of the lovely Eddah, so stay tuned.

Saturday, 20 May 2017


Prayer has been defined as the act of communicating with God. And communication simply means sending and receiving information.
That means when we pray, we send our requests, supplications and gratitude to God while we expect answers.

The focus of this write up is on sending requests and the answers we get.
I watched a movie with the name Bruce Almighty. It's an old movie actually that was released in 2003 (that's like 14years since its release). It's a movie that featured Jim Carrey (Bruce Norlan), Jennifer Anitson (Bruce's girlfriend), Morgan Freeman (God) and a host of other actors and actresses.

Bruce Norlan was a dissatisfied TV reporter  who blamed God for everything that happened in his life. From his status at work, the kind of car he drives, the kind of house he lives in down to even walking and mistakenly dropping his leg in a gutter (yep it was that serious). He believed that God was not doing his job in his life and to him (Bruce Norlan), he was more than qualified to do God's work (i.e. literally taking the position of God in his life).

After so much complaints and grumbling, God (Morgan Freeman) decided to give him a chance. God decided to take a break for one week and allow Bruce to take the driver's seat. At first, he was scared and he believed whatever conversation he had with God was just a dream. But after they met for the second time and God explained everything to him, he became excited and he began to use the power to get revenge and enjoy himself.

Bruce now had the ability to draw the moon closer and redesign the stars just to create a romantic moment with his girlfriend (oyibo and stars are like 5&6), the ability to change his clothes by just looking at it,  the ability to transform his car from an old sedan to a Ferrari (Bruce the guy with swag), the ability to make a monkey (yes monkey) come out of a guy's behind (literally) and so many other abilities that were aimed at making him feel on top of the world.

He was now Bruce Almighty or Almighty Bruce.  However, there was a limitation to the power he had; he was not allowed to mess with self-will (i.e. the will to love or hate him).

At the high point of his "enjoyment" he began to receive prayers from people (remember he was still God). It was not like people meet him physically and table their request like,  "Dear Bruce - God,  I need money" and he will just magically provide it there and then. But he began to hear voices of people praying. At first he was confused where the voices were coming from but after meeting with God (Morgan Freeman), who was  on vacation, he now understood.

Bruce had no time to pay attention and listen to people's prayers, so he began to think of a way to arrange the prayers so that it will be easy for him to just read it and answer (you can imagine how humans think). First he thought of arranging them in files but the cabinets that contained the files were too many.  Then he thought of arranging them into prayer posters, but that was still not good.  Then finally he settles with technology. He created a website where everybody's prayers will appear and he will be able to answer.

He sat in the morning to check and he got hundreds of thousands of prayers and he began to answer them one after the other with a single answer "YES". In fact, it got to a point where he had no time to answer them one after the other, so he just clicked on an interface and he typed "yes". Which meant that, everybody's prayer got a yes.  He even set it in an automatic mode whereby, he doesn't have to come and read the prayers anymore. Remember he got everything he wants, so he believed everyone should have the same (Bruce Almighty at work).

Can you imagine God saying yes to everyone's request in the world; what do you think would happen? Chaos right? Well that's exactly what happened. The whole world was in chaos. All the people who prayed before  playing  lottery won and the lottery office did not have enough money to settle them and everyone was angry, all gamblers, bet offices, arm robbers that prayed before going to steal, etc got a yes to their requests and the whole world was upside down simply  because "Almighty Bruce" said YES to everyone.

The questions that must be going through your mind is; Why will this happen? Jesus told us in Mathew 7:8 that, "For everyone who asks receives; he who seeks finds; and to him who knocks, the door will be opened". He also said in Mark 11:24 that "Therefore I tell you, whatever you ask for in prayer, believe that you have received it, and it will be yours".

Yes! Jesus did say so and it is true because He is the word that became flesh and make His dwelling among us,  and we behold His glory like the begotten son of the father, full of grace and truth (John 1:14).

But in Mathew 7:9-10, the same Jesus asked some questions there. He said,  "Which of you,  if his son asks for bread will give him a stone? Or if he asks for a fish will give him a snake? Does that mean God hates us when we ask for something and HE refuses to give us? NO. HE loves so much that He takes time to weigh and consider everything we ask in order to ascertain whether it will be good for us.

People ask for money and God says NO because money will make them arrogant and proud.  But that doesn't mean He hates instead, He wants their morality to be in check. One thing I would like us to understand here is, sometimes the answer is NO and no matter how painful it is,  we need to understand that He loves us and He knows what is best for us.

Sometimes, we might think we're asking for bread and fish,  but in real sense,  we are asking for stone and snake without knowing.

So because His love runs really deep for us,  He will deny these things to us. Guess what? Sometimes He even goes outside our requests and surprises us with something bigger and better than what we ask because everything we ask is always based on what we know (or think we know). But because He knows everything, He always exceed our expectations. That's how His love runs deep for us.

Trust Him!  He knows what you want. God bless you.

P.S Even though the supremacy and sovereignty of God might have been casually displayed in this write up, remember its just a movie story retold which is intended to make us trust God in every circumstance we found ourselves.

Saturday, 13 May 2017


Tomorrow is mother's day, I'm surprised I remembered. For some of us, this is a day for sending that late text message filled with awkward emotional stuff that we would have preferred not to verbalize.

Shamed by the overdoers who have been planning this thing for weeks, bought their mom's Ferrari's, took them to Mombasa on HELB loans or whatnot, we retreat from social media for a while, feeling guilty and vowing to do better next year... maybe.

We have the luxury of taking it for granted.

For somebody else, maybe you, it's the first mother's day without mom, the second, the twentieth. It's a painful reminder of your inability to conceive, or of a child you lost. It's a time of shame, guilt and the heavy burden of sin of the baby you aborted.

It is just horrible for the mother and child who do not talk anymore.

Mother's day is downright dooms day for some people.

Rom 12:15 Rejoice with those who rejoice; mourn with those who mourn. On Unbridled this week, those who still have their mothers around will try to carry the burden with those who don't anymore.

We will attempt to share in your pain, to "sit in it" with you, in prayer more than in anything else and in any other way we know how, inadequate though it may be. And for those who have lost their mothers, or never known their mothers, or fighting with their mothers, we hope that in that weird sense of 'rejoice with those who rejoice' this doom's day will be a little less gloomy.

Here's a collection of mother's day experiences of people who have had it rough this last couple of M-Days. We hope that by the power of their testimony, you too shall overcome.


Except from Mother To The Motherless by Amy Simpson. I advice you click here and read the whole article.

When I was 14, I lost my mother. Not to death or divorce, but to schizophrenia , a disease that robs a person of the moorings of reality itself.

One Mother's Day, I sat through another sermon that idealized moms, and I responded as usual: an acidic mix of anger, grief, and longing boiled to the surface.

I had some time to myself, and perhaps for the first time, I opened the floodgates and let that wave come pouring out before God. When my sobs had settled into a quiet ache, I told God what I longed for: a mother who could guide me, pass along what she has learned about life around the next corner, cheer me on, soothe me with reminders of her
love, and occasionally let me rest in her wisdom and strength.

I asked God to deaden my longing or to bring someone into my life who could partially fill that role.

As I was praying, suddenly the phrase from Psalm 68:5 came to mind: "Father to the fatherless." Then the thought, Mother to the
motherless. This was a possibility I had not considered: that God himself could fulfill my need for a mother.

God is my perfect heavenly Father.
But as the only complete being, perfection itself, God also contains and demonstrates all the traits of a perfect mother.

A study of Scripture shows us many ways God is like a perfect mother: He is compared to a nursing mother (Isaiah 49:15 ), to a comforting mother (Isaiah 66:13 ;Psalm 131:2), and to a mother teaching her child
to walk (Hosea 11:3 ).

I don't think of myself as motherless anymore. I still grieve, still feel the ache of missing what I wish I had in this life. But now I take that ache
straight to God and find what I need in his love and nurture. For "even if my father and mother abandon me, the LORD will hold me close" (Psalm 27:10).


Another beautiful article is How to cope with grief on Mother's day by Sharon Betters.

Since 1994 I have wished I could jump over Mother's Day. It's supposed to be a day of honor, remembering our mothers, being
remembered by our children. But May, 1994 was the first Mother's Day I experienced without our youngest child, Mark.

But then I will remember how God used the clouds of grief in my life as His chariot and how He charged through the dark sky and held me
tightly in His grip as I struggled to reconcile His sovereignty and His love.

Mother's Day. A day to remember. A day to remember, God is sovereign and we can trust Him.


Read For those who mourn on mother's day by Sandra Glahn. Click here.

During the decade when my husband and I went through infertility treatment, lost seven
pregnancies, and endured three failed adoptions, I found it difficult enough to see all the corsages on M-Day.

I wished only for the Body of Christ to find ways to acknowledge our mothers’ sacrifices without inflicting unnecessary pain on those who mourn. To make it inclusive
enough to affirm all who nurture. We are family. As I once told Carlos, my son in the faith, “The son or daughter without a mother finds mothers in Christ. The parent
without children finds children in Christ."


This Mother's day, make it your mission to pray relentlessly for anyone you know who needs it. Spread the love of God. And most of all, be there for a woman who is childless or who has lost her child. Be the thank you card and the cute little present she's never received. As you celebrate your mother, remember this woman.

Remember also your friend who lost their mother, and be there for them. Mourn with someone, rejoice with someone. Let's be doers of the Gospel of Love.

And for my friends, and my own dad, who miss their moms. Know that you are not alone. You have a God who knows the deepest form of despair. A God who knows the most hidden corners of your heart. A God who feels your pain, who weeps with you, and who knows exactly how to comfort you when you let Him.

When you search His word and seek His face, when you trust Him and love Him, you will find peace, even in the pain, even in loss. He is close to the broken hearted. He is your Light and your Salvation. He is the Joy of your life. He is a strong tower. Nothing can separate you from His love. Not sorrow, not trial, not tribulations. He isn't a magician that will make the pain disappear, He is a Friend, to be with you through it ALL.

Have faith. In the words of David after his son with Bethsheba died, "he cannot come down to me, but I will one day go up to him."

Happy Mother's Day people.
Be Light, Be salt, make Jesus proud.

Saturday, 6 May 2017


This is an article I wrote and read to Kenyatta University Christian Union, I thought it would be good to share it with the rest of you folks. I decided not to edit it so that it kinda remains in the state of mind I wrote it in. I hope it builds you.


It might not be that obvious, especially to those who have only just met me, or those who only see glimpses of me at a time, but I am the most unlikely person to be standing before you. Unlikely here is used in a manner of softly saying unworthy.
One or two of you present know exactly what I'm talking about. There are people here who have watched me make stupid decisions and some here we've made those stupid decisions together.

I was here when a preacher said that it's through the cracks that the light comes in. As the body of Christ we forget that we are allowed to be broken. How else will the Light get in. If we have it all together, what do we need a Savior for?

For this reason I would like to recognize the presence of those among us who are not born again. In today's service you will not be overlooked. We know you are here, so does Jesus.

He is not as presumption as we can be some times. He knows if you're a church goer but not quite a Christian.

He knows if you lead worship but never really worship.
He knows if you're afraid to step into the light because there are things you're not willing to give up.

He knows if you're lying  to yourself that you'll change then come to Him. Yeah, yeah, sure you will... please.

The Cross.

The Cross.

The cross, the most cruel punishment ever invented.

Imagine the weight of His entire body resting on the nails tearing through His flesh. He hung there, bruised from being flogged, exhausted from carrying a cross so heavy He fell down several times, losing so much blood from His brow where a crown of thorns rested, from His feet, His arms and His back.

Leave the pain, think about the shame... Naked, in front of all those people including His mother. Everyone saw Him naked and beaten up. The terrible things people were saying, making fun of Him... save yourself, King of the Jews...

All for you!

Those among you who are afraid to ever go deep beyond the superficial... I dare you to think about the cross, and still reject it.

We rarely talk about hell this days, but that doesn't mean it stopped existing.
The greater tragedy is living the rest of this life, knowing that you met Jesus and chose to walk the other way anyway.

Once you meet Jesus, your life will never be the same.

If you accept Him, He comes and turns you into a son. You get Him, the best friend you'll ever imagine.

If you reject Him, you will never forget it. You will search for everything and anything that can fill the void, relationships will come close until they end, money will try until you realize it cannot comfort, it cannot keep you warm and it cannot love you, careers, fame and fortune won't cut it. Once you've known the real thing, counterfeit will never do it. That empty feeling, the loneliness, the void...

This is my story.

I thought I was missing out, when really there was nothing there in the first place. As a human, I craved love and purpose. It is exactly that that Jesus offers.

A relationship. It's like a love story, or a friendship. You meet this incredible person, Jesus, you get to know Him, who He is, where He's from, His hopes and dreams, what He loves, what makes Him happy, what doesn't. And soon You love Him more than anything as You discover just how amazing He is everyday.

I leave you with the lyrics from Elevation worship's song O come to the altar...

Are you hurting and broken within
Overwhelmed by the weight of your sin
Jesus is calling
Have you come to the end of yourself
Do you thirst for a drink from the well
Jesus is calling
O come to the altar
The Father's arms are open wide
Forgiveness was bought with
The precious blood of Jesus Christ

John 3:16
...that whoever believes in Him, shall not perish...