Friday, 1 December 2017


So Santa doesn't exist, the genie doesn't, fairy god mothers don't either. Christmas magic isn't even a thing, wishes don't come true. Thanks Hallmark (and Disney) for all my unrealistic expectations of Christmas and New Years.

But thank God He exists, thank Him even more that He has the power to do absolutely anything if we believe (Matt21:22) and to exceed all my expectations. He doesn't grant three wishes, He answers every prayer. His power does not run out when the clock strikes midnight. Neither does He keep a naughty list for those who won't be getting anything this year, phew.

So here's my Christmas "wish list." I don't know why I'm sharing it, maybe I was low on blog post ideas, Lol.

 1. Salvation for the unsaved.

I pray for a fresh beginning for someone. That they will walk out of the prison cells, step out in faith for Jesus already set them free. That they will believe in their hearts and declare with their mouths that Jesus is Lord and savior. Maybe it's you.

 2. Peace and joy.

I pray, for you and I, that we learn to be still. That we finally cast every anxiety onto Jesus.

I pray that difficulty will not shake us, that being broke or broken will not move us. That we will finally understand just how overrated happiness is. That we will sit through massive discomforts knowing full well that God knows what He is doing.

I pray for fortitude. For a heart that is always singing, always thankful, always praising. For stress free thoughts and an end to insomnia.

 3. A love that stays.

For the love we have, I pray that we learn to cherish it, to never take it for granted. To give every possible ounce of ourselves. To do so unconditionally. To do so fiercely. To be patient with others and sensitive to their needs.

I pray that we also find love that is mutual, love that is selfless, love that is permanent and imitates the love of God. Love that never threatens to leave.

I pray that we learn to appreciate diversity, that even as a nation, we will know the love that stays in the face of tribal and political differences.

I pray that we ride out the storms of any love worth its name and I pray that we enjoy it too.

 4.  Answered prayers.

We have prayed from January and beyond. We have waited upon the Lord, may our prayers be answered. But if He wills that we wait some more, may He give us the peace to be still.

 5.  That you continue reading Unbridled. That it continues to be of use to you.